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Related article: moot point as to whether the palm for beauty of scenery should be awarded to the Dart or the Fal. A Devonian has no doubt upon the subject, nor has a Cor- nishman, and I am not going to give the casting vote. I can only say, " how happy could I be on either," for each is perfect in its way. We reached Totnes, where we did the lions, including the interesting old Church and Town Hall, and having enjoyed the luxury of sitting in the ancient stocks, returned homewards with a feeling that we had lived for a time in a dim and distant past. In the afternoon some of us went in the cutter to Kingswear to meet a train by which the Admiral, who had gone home for a couple of days on county busi- ness, was returning. Knowing his proclivities, we had taken the precaution to bring with us all manner of rods, lines, hooks and 4i6 BAILY S MAGAZINE. other tackle, and our forethought was fully justified, for he elected to go straight off on the fish with a lady-visitor and myself. He soon discovered that our selection of baits and hooks left something to be desired, and I mention this, as it may help to account for the ultimate result. Soon after we had got to work, •* a fishing-story " rewarded our efforts, and at the Buy Chlorambucil risk of being regarded as a promising practitioner of that gentle art which George Wash- ington scorned, but of which all good anglers are supposed to be past- masters, I will e'en relate my experiences. The lady-visitor, who was fishing with a spinner and triple-hooks, felt a tug at her line which indicated an added something ** all very fine and large ** at the end of it. Leukeran Chlorambucil She promptly began to haul in, an- nouncing that she had caught ** such a big fish.** But " there's many a slip 'twixt the hook and the lip " of a fish, and just at the critical moment when the prize was nearing the surface, and with our nerves at high tension, we were awaiting its advent in the boat, the strain upon the line was suddenly relieved, and it came up not only without any fish but also minus hooks and spinner. This was a grievous disapp>ointment for the lady, with whom we all condoled, whilst the Admiral did not relish the loss of the tackle, inasmuch as we had not made proffer provision for such con- tingencies. Before we had quite exhausted our expressions of sym- pathy, and our condemnation of Chlorambucil 2mg the bad taste of the fish for being so anxious to part company with the lady, I Chlorambucil Cost felt Chlorambucil Price a good tug at my line, and forthwith began to haul in with might and main. Soon a fine pollack was dancing a fandango in the air as I brought him, with every demonstration of unwillingness on his part, into the boat. Now comes the point, in the nature of "a surprise packet," of this particular fishing story, for embedded in the gills of the fish were the identical spinner and hooks which ive had just previously lost, as -we supposed, for ever. In view of the general roominess of the sea, it w^as, to say the least, remarkable that that particular pollack should have grabbed my bait, but it was nothing less than extraordinary that he should have done so im- mediately after having had such a distinct warning of the necessity of caution in the gratification of an appetite ; which latter, by the way, one would hardly suppose a hook in the gills would be likdy to stimulate. After mutual felicitations, we approached the matter in a scien- tific spirit, and ultimately arrived at the following conclusions: — (i) That for a healthy — not to say voracious — appetite, a pollack can give long odds to most created things, including even a turtle-fed alderman. (2) That a hook in your gills, always provided you are a fish, is not sufficiently an inconvenience to put you off your. feed. It may be a relief to some conscientious persons who object to fishing out of regard for the feelings of the fish to know this. (3) That at Chlorambucil Leukeran last a true fishing story had been discovered. Unfortunately, the general pub- lic ashore, when apprised of our conclusions, while fully accepting Nos. I and 2, unanimously de- clined to admit the possibility of No. 3. This was the more singu- lar, in view of the fact that we all took special pains to embellish the story in several important particu- lars, with a view to rendering it more relishing to the mental palate, and, as we supposed, more easy of digestion. (N.B. — My cx>.] NOTES OF A YACHTING CRUISE BY A LANDSMAN. 417 :count of the incident, as given >ove, is the unadorned version.) evertheless, our hearers, I regret » say, as good as intimated that, hatever their swallowing capacity light be, it was unequal to fish ories, and I am satisfied that it now too late in the day to :teinpt to upset the long- lerished conviction that " all len " (meaning anglers) " are ars." Our after experiences were not icouraging, for the fish first took rise out of Tom, the stoker, by stting clean away with his hooks ud bait, and followed it up by oing the same for me. These aiptures by the enemy, or, in the inguage of military despatches, regrettable incidents," tended to how that the mobility, otherwise etting-away powers, of the fish 1 these waters, when they ought 3 have been on the high road to iscomfiture, was equal to that of he Boers, which is saying a good eal. In view of this loss of mmunition, we had no alterna- ive but to beat a retreat and oake a right-about turn for dinner, hough we had not done much to lelp the cook, as, barring the pollack, our spoils of war were imited to a solitary "joey," other- vise a very juvenile mackerel. !)n the homeward way, I began o moralise upon the remarkable * slimness " of the fish in these )arts, as shown by their special iptitude for appropriating your look and bait without being :aught. The Admiral, however, observed that he had known in- stances of this elsewhere when people Rshed in waters frequented by pollack with mackerel tackle, sis we had been doing, which was a poUte way of insinuating that we might have made a more judicious selection of hooks and bait in his absence. I think my own supposition, that the fish fre- quenting this particular coast are